Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dillon took me to the Davis County Fair last Thursday. He thought I would enjoy the animals, and he was right!

First we went to the bunny barn, then to the hen house. We saw this chicken that was awesome and had to take pictures of it to show MamaHawk. She was huge and had the coolest feathers.

The sign on her cage said she was a partridge (color) cochin (breed). She seemed really mellow too. Nice chicken.

Then we went and saw the barn animals - cows, sheep, pigs, and GOATS! I love goats so much and miss having them in my life every day, so it was nice to cuddle with and love them. I am not sure how I missed this fact, but I learned that there are dwarf goats in addition to pygmy goats. Pygmy goats tend to be really stumpy, fat and disproportionate. They are still great, but dwarf goats seem almost just like big goats, but on a smaller scale - maybe 2:1. Like a goat for apartment living! That's fun! I wonder if my apartment complex would go for that...

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