Saturday, August 02, 2008


Yesterday Dillon bought me a Wii for my anniversary present. I also got Mario Kart for it. Most chics would think, 'What a crappy anniversary present... I bet he's sleeping on the couch tonight... He really bought that for her, I'm so sure,' and other such remarks, but it's as good as diamonds to me! Sadly they will get a lot more use than my diamonds too. Don't get me wrong (Dillon), I still LOVE diamonds.

It wasn't an easy task either. These things are really hard to find at retail price in the US and in a local store, even harder! We had to go to three different places to get everything, but thanks to Dillon's surfing and calling, he tracked everything down. The place that had the game said that they got the shipment in that day and I got the last one. Yay!

Dillon doesn't even like video games, but I love them. Sometimes he thinks he married a 15 year old boy. I can remember a few Christmases back I got Need for Speed Underground 2 for the computer. I had two weeks off work, and I think I put some 60+ hours on the game in that time.

The Wii comes with a sports game that has tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf. I can't wait to play that, but right now I am focusing on Mario Kart. You can play with up to 11 other people online and I learned yesterday that all my brothers and their Wii friends go on Saturday nights (10pm MST) to play. You get points when you win and lose points when you lose, so they are really excited that I am coming on too so they can gain points. I really am not very good yet. It's super fun either way to me!

If you have a Wii, give me your Wii # and if you have Mario Kart, give me your friend code too. Wii can play!!!


Reano Family said...

Happy anniversary! I haven't played Mario Kart on the Wii, but it's definitely a fun game on any system. Good choice Dillon!

Cerra Hawkins said...

So yeah, Dillon and I both played online with my bro's last night. I won't even tell you how late we were up... Way too late! Let's just say, we slept until noon and still didn't get our full 8 hours. Damn we are lame. We were both really bad at racing and freaked out if we made it into the top 10 (out of 12). This didn't stop us from having fun though. We played too much today too and are getting better. They'd better watch out next Saturday!

paulario kart said...

Sorry about lapping you guys on Rainbow the same race...*snicker*