Monday, August 25, 2008

Where were you in 1988?...

Dillon and I saw The Rocker this weekend. We really liked it, but I interrogated Dillon the entire time about his 'love child.' I finally let up when I found out Dillon was only twelve when this kid was born.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On This Day

4 years ago, I married the love of my life and my best friend. It's nice to know some things will never change.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dillon took me to the Davis County Fair last Thursday. He thought I would enjoy the animals, and he was right!

First we went to the bunny barn, then to the hen house. We saw this chicken that was awesome and had to take pictures of it to show MamaHawk. She was huge and had the coolest feathers.

The sign on her cage said she was a partridge (color) cochin (breed). She seemed really mellow too. Nice chicken.

Then we went and saw the barn animals - cows, sheep, pigs, and GOATS! I love goats so much and miss having them in my life every day, so it was nice to cuddle with and love them. I am not sure how I missed this fact, but I learned that there are dwarf goats in addition to pygmy goats. Pygmy goats tend to be really stumpy, fat and disproportionate. They are still great, but dwarf goats seem almost just like big goats, but on a smaller scale - maybe 2:1. Like a goat for apartment living! That's fun! I wonder if my apartment complex would go for that...

Friday, August 15, 2008

We are HOT!!!

I can't believe how well we morph into these super-hot celebs! This is really fun. You should try it.

Here are some of Dillon's celebrity look-a-likes. He had more women than men that he looked like. I always knew I had a pretty husband. Now it's confirmed...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

11 down 33 to go

So I got on the scale this morning and I have lost 11 pounds since the first of July! Yay! I am super stoked. I am 1/4 of the way through my goal. I thought for sure since I had to stop running after hurting my back I would stop losing too but so not the case. It just keeps coming off.

I have changed my eating habits ever so slightly too. I have eliminated Carls Jr. completely from my diet. They are totally banned. I won't let Dillon eat there anymore either. I am not sure what they do differently, but you can take almost anything on their menu, stack it up against a competing nasty fast food place and count on CJ's calories being close to double. I had no idea and used to love eating their Famous Star with cheese. It was in passing that my supervisor mentioned something about my lunch I had just eaten from there being over 1200 calories. I was so close to just blowing it off because of how absurd it sounded but decided to investigate. She was right! Almost 1600 for a medium combo meal alone. I could have crapped myself when I found that out. Just getting rid of CJ's alone would have probably made a big difference, but I have also cut back on portions, traded snack items for more healthy snack items - dried fruit, small servings of nuts, etc. If I am hungry and I don't think I should be, I will drink water to make sure I am not just thirsty before I eat. It's very common for humans these days to mistake thirst with hunger.

It's been awesome. I haven't once felt like I was without or missing something from my diet since I started. I think that screws people a lot when dieting. I have done it before too. They start this new radical diet, miss foods and feel hungry all the time, and then fall off and end up back where they were or worse. If I want something, I have it. If it's something that isn't the best for me, I either substitute or just eat a small portion. Fortunately, I haven't had any real bad cravings since I started. I am sure they will come, but it won't be a big deal. It's when you get really hungry that you run into trouble - BINGING.

I watched Kevin James' stand-up the other night on comedy central. He was talking about how everyone has their own advice on how to lose weight and about when people who are bigger than him try to give him weight loss advice. I keep thinking about that as I am writing this post, but I really think this is a good approach I am taking. So you're getting it anyway.

Friday, August 08, 2008

My "Phlebotomists' Dream"

I gave blood for the first time tonight, and my giant elbow pit vein did not disappoint. I was done giving my pint in under 5 minutes. Oh yeah! My bulging vein is what nurses and phlebotomists dream about.

a picture can't do it justice

Not only did I get free food, but a free syphilis test as well.

So, if you want to help someone or think you may have an STD... donate blood - It's FREE! Yay! Good rhyme!

You Come Out of There This Instant!

This kid is hilarious... because she isn't mine.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mill Creek Again

We went to Mill Creek tonight with Nolan and Heather again, but this time Sasha was there too! Nolan and Sasha's friend Alethea came up with her two kids as well. They are some of the cutest kids! It has been almost exactly 2 years since I had seen these kids. It was when we all met in Idaho as Sasha was passing through.

When they left, Alethea's son, Isaac, told everyone he hugged bye, "I need a big kisth," - he has the cutest little lisp right now. Then he laid big, wet kisses on everyone. I wanted to take him home. Alethea, if you ever need a break from your kids... *points to self*

Anyway, we had a fire, ate various types of turkey dogs, chips, fruits and of course roasted marshmallows. Sasha boasted her skill concerning the art of roasting marshmallows. I thought it to be all hype until she did it. Thoroughly impressed! They turned out to be the most golden, not burned, puffy, roasted marshmallows I have ever seen. She rightfully boasted.

There was a creek just by our picnic table that had a cute little waterfall. The kids could not get enough of throwing rocks into the water.

Doug, the dog, came too. He's such the oaf. Nolan is the love of his life and it shows.

Sasha and Nolan introduced him to beer. He was a little obsessed after he downed a few cold ones. I wonder what his owners will think when (if) they find out...

It was a nice time, and I am glad Sasha didn't have to miss us this time. It was great to see her.


Yesterday Dillon bought me a Wii for my anniversary present. I also got Mario Kart for it. Most chics would think, 'What a crappy anniversary present... I bet he's sleeping on the couch tonight... He really bought that for her, I'm so sure,' and other such remarks, but it's as good as diamonds to me! Sadly they will get a lot more use than my diamonds too. Don't get me wrong (Dillon), I still LOVE diamonds.

It wasn't an easy task either. These things are really hard to find at retail price in the US and in a local store, even harder! We had to go to three different places to get everything, but thanks to Dillon's surfing and calling, he tracked everything down. The place that had the game said that they got the shipment in that day and I got the last one. Yay!

Dillon doesn't even like video games, but I love them. Sometimes he thinks he married a 15 year old boy. I can remember a few Christmases back I got Need for Speed Underground 2 for the computer. I had two weeks off work, and I think I put some 60+ hours on the game in that time.

The Wii comes with a sports game that has tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf. I can't wait to play that, but right now I am focusing on Mario Kart. You can play with up to 11 other people online and I learned yesterday that all my brothers and their Wii friends go on Saturday nights (10pm MST) to play. You get points when you win and lose points when you lose, so they are really excited that I am coming on too so they can gain points. I really am not very good yet. It's super fun either way to me!

If you have a Wii, give me your Wii # and if you have Mario Kart, give me your friend code too. Wii can play!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I Like Chicken

My mom is a small-scale chicken farmer. I came across a link to Mieke Roth's blog, where she has been regularly posting her illustrations that document the growth of one of her chickens. You can go all the way back to day one! I thought Mom (and others) would appreciate her drawings.