Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock Band...well...ROCKS!

I babysat my brother Rob's kids on Saturday. Before he left, he told me that he got the Rock Band for his Wii and I should play it before I left. I was going to play it with the kids, but we ran out of time.

My mom likes to come visit me and help when I watch the kids. This time, she showed up about 8pm. We played outside and then put them to bed.

After they were to bed, I asked my mom if she wanted to play Rock Band. To my surprise, she said, "Yes!" Then she said, "What's Rock Band?" I set everything up and she thought she would do best on vocals. I wanted to try the drums as I have played Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution before.

It turns out that I am not that bad. Well, I probably am, but I was able to do pretty well on easy mode and had soooo much fun doing it. There are two symbols, two main drums, and on bass drum (you have to use a foot pedal.) I had a blast.

My mom technically did well on the vocals, but I wanted to blow my brains out the entire time. The game only looks for pitch and on easy it doesn't seem too picky about that either. My mom didn't know the songs so her trying to sing the words didn't last long at all. She also enjoyed a range about 3 octaves above the song's. I am surprised none of Robs windows are cracked. Seriously, it was brutal. My blood pressure darted quite significantly whenever her parts came along.

Maddy didn't stay in bed long. She came down to hang out with us and neither my mom nor I had the heart to put her back to bed. She took a shot at the vocals and was awesome. My mom would sing (this was before she gave up the words and darted up the scale with her voice) the line to Maddy and she would sing it in the mic. Too cute. She also played on the drums.

Rob and Sheri got home while we were still playing. Rob, my mom and I all played together. Rob was not nearly as patient with my mom's singing as I was and it was hurting his guitar playing. He told her she sounded like 'whales humping.' She did two songs with us and then went home. Rob and I did about three or four more together. He rocked the guitar and I stuck to the drums. It was super fun. I totally felt like a ROCK STAR!

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Razzleberry said...

The Rock Star Game said that I was "Awesome"!!! It even gave me a high score. You are just jealous that I can sing 3 or 4 octaves above the normal voice range!


...And whales are beautiful.