Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Dillon and I went to visit Nolan, Heather, and Doug the Dog today. Doug is Heather's friend's dog that Nolan and Heather have doggy-sat ever since he was 'little.' Doug never really has been little. He's a Bernese Mt Dog. Everyone loves Doug. At just a year and a half, he's so huge and oafish. He'll just plant his extra large self wherever he feels like. He loves to hide his head in people's crevices, and is often in his very own world that seems so far, far away from ours. His frequent vacant stares are comical, but still adorable. He slobbers relentlessly. It takes a pretty large animal to make Nolan look smallish.

I have decided that he is autistic and is lucky to have someone like Heather - a master of special education - in his life.

We had a barbecue with bratts, corn on the cob, steak, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Yummy. Dillon and Nolan especially liked the corn.

After grub we decided to go to a park above Nolan's house to watch fireworks. We arrived at around 8:30p to ensure a good spot on the grass.

It seemed like forever waiting for the fireworks to start. It was dusk when we got there.
Then the sun began to set.It was dark for a while before the show began.
Doug was a bigger attraction than the fireworks - well, before they started anyway. Everyone who saw him stared for at least a bit. Their eyes all seemed to get bigger and mouth gape when they saw him. For those who do not know better, he can be very intimidating. I kept hearing people around us trying to call him over to them sneakily. If they only knew what it actually takes to get Doug to respond, they would not have even tried. Others would ask to pet him or just come over and pet him. There was one little boy that asked his mom if he could pet the dog and she said, "No, he's too big." He would not stop asking her though.

Heather and I motioned the boy over and he yelled, "Mom, they said it's okay!" and she relented. He was so cute. He would pet Doug and if Doug made the slightest movement, the kid would do some sort of cartwheel move out of the way. This was as close as he would get to take a picture of Doug. He said that he was going to get a dog bigger than a horse and name him Doug and then Doug and Doug could play together. Then he laughed and laughed.

And, finally, we got what we came for.

Oooooooo Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh


mamahawk said...

good times :)

Paul + Emily said...

That corn on the cob does look absolutely delicious!!! That is something we forgot to have at our barbeque this year. Those fireworks looked amazing! I love the 4th of July, and I am so glad that you guys had fun! Love ya! :)

Sasha said...

Aww. Looks so fun. As usual, I wish I was there with you. I'm glad you get to have fun together like that. I sure miss you. I went to Nome for the weekend . . . where the sun doesn't set this time of year and fireworks are just sort of silly noise makers. It was a great weekend anyway though. Maybe next year I'll have to head south where I can see a real show like this one. Love you and I'll see you in less than a month.

paul said...

Does Nolan have any ties to the extermination company "Simply Nolan" that drive around those yellow mice things?

Razzleberry said...

Pretty pictures!

Cerra Hawkins said...

Paul, I don't think anyone knows what you are talking about, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say, "NO!" Even though I seriously doubt you were genuinely asking...