Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mill Creek Fun

We went up Mill Creek Canyon this evening with Nolan and Heather. We had a fire, a picnic, and roasted marshmallows. I love roasting hot dogs. Yummy. I love roasting marshmallows too but don't like eating them.

Nolan's firewood was damp so we had a bit of a time trying to start the fire. Luckily some nearby people had lighter fluid and were kind enough to let us use it. We used it all and they came back looking for it when they switched from using the barbecue to the fire pit. We felt bad that we used it all, so I gave them one of our really hot, embery, on fire logs. They were appreciative. We also gave them the rest of the marshmallows.

I was fun. The weather was perfect - cool enough to need the fire when the sun went down, but warm enough that we were more than comfortable when it was still light. Perfect time of the year too. No bugs out yet.

Dillon bought Nolan a shirt online that he thought he might like. We gave that to him tonight. It fits him really well, and he really likes it.

Nolan looks like a scary commie, the shaved head is a nice touch

Dillon is so cute, you just want to feed him marshmallows

I heard that blackened marshmallows are a delicacy in some places

Okay, you don't like blackened, how 'bout on fire

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Sasha said...

aww. you guys are so cute. miss you. wish you were coming up with mom and nolan. next time, right?