Saturday, May 03, 2008

This I Believe...

There are 5 aspects to every society that has ever been and believed will ever be. Without all of these for any period of time, the society begins to crumble. These are government, economy, education, religion and family.

Marriage is the most important union on this earth because it is the foundation of the most important unit in life - the family. Unfortunately all too many people in this country think of it as no more commitment than buying a car or a house or even a t-shirt.

Over the years, my sympathy for divorce's has declined dramatically. So often adults refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. I realize that every circumstance is different and not everything can be foreseen, but i see people making the same mistakes over and over and refuse to feel sorry for them.

Our society goes to great lengths to try make individuals accountable for their mistakes. Divorce is all too often the first resort for marital problems and is all too easy to obtain. If there were more consequences to divorce there may be more thought in marriage.

I know people with the mindset going in to the marriage, 'If it doesn't work out, there's always divorce.' When did that become okay? How is that not a huge clue that you shouldn't marry this person now? Marriage is hard work for two people going in to it with no end in sight. You add one or more parties that are willing to cut and run as soon as they hit turbulence, and there is no way they will prevail.

They don't call them broken homes because they're healthy. This is a touchy topic because Dillon and I are both products of broken homes. I feel that we are both very blessed to have come from those with the mindset that divorce isn't an option for us. If more people had this mindset, less bad marriages would ever happen.

Unfortunately there are so many families out there now were divorce is the best option for the family as a whole. What a tragedy. Even more terrible is the thought that so many of those situations were avoidable.


Sasha said...

I'm curious what prompted this train of thought? Although I agree that family is of the utmost importance and that marriage and divorce should not be taken lightly, I must admit that I disagree that "marriage is the most important union because it is the foundation of the family". Marriage is not the only possibility for a strong foundation for a family in my opinion. And, one thing I learned from my own marriage and divorce is that its really hard to know what any relationship is like unless you are actually in it. I'm so glad that you and Dillon are committed and do not see divorce as an option, however, I also feel strongly that the future is something none of us have the power to predict. Anyway . . . certainly, this is an emotionally charged subject from many different angles.

Sasha said...

i just realized the statement i put in quotes was not the actual quote. sorry. you catch my drift right? love you. (even though i sometimes think differently than you)

paul said...

Marriage is indeed the strongest foundation for creating a family. Rather, a good marriage is the strongest foundation for creating a family.

A union between a man and woman built upon principles that edify, uplift, encourage, support, serve, cherish, and love each and every member within that union will be able to withstand any turmoil that may come along. It will withstand the tremors of life and quakes of society, regardless of their magnitude. Problems that are conquered together make everyone involved stronger for it.

Marriage should be a process, not an event. It's something that needs to be nutured and nurished every day. It is the most delicate of flowers and both partners have the responsibility of ensuring that it thrives, and when it thrives, that delicate flower will bloom, and when it blooms it's petals are one of the most precious gifts ever encountered.

The sacred union of marriage is often not fully understood for what it represents and because of this it is often diminutivized. But I will attest that I know, without a doubt, that this bond was established to get the most joy possible from family life.

There are, of course, countless reasons why some people are unable to take full advantage of this union. But when there's a will, there's a way. And anyone who has the desire to obtain that celestial level joy will eventually be given that oportunity if they do their part.

Marriage is indeed the strongest foundation for creating a family. It is the ideal situation that we should prepare ourselves for. But happiness can be acheived at any and every point along our journeys, but the desire for betterment of ourselves and our posterity multiplies this happiness along the way.