Sunday, April 20, 2008


To kick off my new exercise challenge, I thought I needed a new running outfit. This cute number features a pocket in the top and bottoms. I can't wait until it gets here! It's so cute and maybe, eventually, I can look as good as this girl does wearing it.I also ordered the sports bra that I have wanted for a long time, but didn't have enough money for back when I first heard about it and then forgot about. I usually have to wear at least 3 bras when I run, and even then it leaves much to be desired. At 3+ I have pretty good control, but can't breathe right. It's called The Last Resort Bra - and it is! It's really ugly and resembles a medieval breast plate, but it's guaranteed NO BOUNCE!!! I can't wait!


Sasha said...

very cute! i love athleta by the way. those girls are my idols. some people pine over looking like the women in cosmo, but not me. my quest is to look like the catalog girls for athleta or title nine. hot, strong women. . . . wearing the cutest freakin' clothes! i sure wish we could figure out how to merge our breast issues for the benefit of both of us. wouldn't that be nice?

Anonymous said...

You are already beautiful! Exercise to be healthy - but I say again - you are already BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Love You,

Knowles Family said...

holy crap that outfit is cute. I would be afraid to run in it it's so cute. So, if you could share the wealth I would LOVE it. Two kids later and I'm shrinking by the second. :)