Thursday, April 17, 2008


My heart breaks every day
Whether you see it or not

I am a great eagle

Grounded by circumstance
Earthbound by situation

The little birds seem to mock me

With every flap of their wing
I never thought I would envy something so ordinary
It hurts to look up at them

So I often look at the ground

Once in a while one will come down to me

I love to ask them about the sky
I close my eyes to feel wind on my face
As they tell me what it is like
For a brief moment I forget that I do not fly

Some do not seem to understand what they have

Some even envy my position
I cannot understand this

Sometimes they let me touch their wings

They are much like mine
But I can feel the wind within them
Mine seem so hollow

You say one day I can go

But my tethered limbs grow weak
And my spirit becomes weary

I love you

But will you ever let me fly

Cerra Hawkins


Dillon Hawkins said...

That's pretty heavy, dear. Rough day?

Anonymous said...

Cerra...That was DEEP!

Anonymous said...

You touch my soul!