Saturday, March 15, 2008

My New Vacuum

So, I bought a Eureka vacuum cleaner for $75 about a year ago. It worked well maybe the first two times. It's a bagless model, of which I like the idea, but not the results. It has gotten progressively worse every time I use it. I have cleaned the filters with no improvement. Last week was the final straw. I was vacuuming and all of a sudden a huge dust cloud came up into my face. It was awful.

Today Dillon and I were talking about a new vacuum and he brought up the Orecks. I have never liked them because they all look like they are straight out of the 70's to me. I have seen infomercials for them, but could never get past their looks. Dillon recalls an instance were his cousin Rachel was talking to someone about the Dysons when they first came out. Rachel said something like, 'Yeah, but I want an Oreck.' Dillon was sold on them from that point on. He lovingly referred to her as a domestic goddess today when he was telling me about the memory. I would agree with that title, so we went to check them out.

Our sales lady was on crack. No, really, I literally think she did some crack or meth just before we showed up. I am so glad Dillon did research on the web before going. We knew exactly what we wanted when we rolled up into the Oreck store and we still got WAY to much of this lady. She was one of the wiggiest people I have ever met.

Anyway, we spent way more than we thought we would ever on a vacuum cleaner but got a 10 year warranty, 10 free annual services, one year free supply of bags, a free canister vacuum ($199 value! :) ), and a free cordless iron car vac. We have a thirty day, money back guarantee too, so if it's not what I want to use for the next 10+ years I get a 100% refund.

I will let you know how I like them.


Sasha said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I love my Oreck! Love it, love it, love it. Seriously, I can't even tell you how much I am in love with my vacuum. I bought the best one you could get because I'm a sucker and am very easily sold. But, it is well worth it. I too have never spent anything near that on a vacuum and to look at it you would wonder why on earth you're spending so much. The 70's look kinda threw me off too, but actually I really like it now. Its so simple and such a great example of not fixing something if its not broke. The design works. Its simple and it does the job. Its not all fancy and pretty like so many of the crappy vacuums that you can buy. And, its actually sorta cool if you're going for the retro thing. I have the 20 year warranty and 20 years of tune-ups. Crazy. I'm still wondering if its really going to make it that long. Anyway, I've never been so pleased with an appliance in my life. My story goes a little further though. . . remember how I told you about being a sucker and easily sold. . . Well, I ended up walking out of the Oreck store with a "total cleaning system", including two air purifiers, an orbiter (to clean hard floors from wood to stone, of which I have none of yet because I can't afford to put them in. . . ahh, but when I do, I'll have just what I need to clean them), several attachments for the orbiter, the small cannister vac, a variety of cleaning products for carpets, degreasing stuff (hmm, not sure what I was going for with that one), and a few more. I did not however get a cordless iron. I feel very cheated. Well, the air purifiers sounded really great, but I did return them before the 30day mark because I really couldn't afford it. I should have also returned the orbiter because it has still not been used once and may not get used for another couple of years seeing how I can't afford to put floors in. But, I do still have a closet full of cleaning products, of which the carpet deodorizer powder is my favorite. Its really good stuff actually and leaves the house smelling so fresh. In the end though, I couldn't be happier with my vacuum. It truly is the bomb diggity. The cannister vac is a little weak I have to say, but I don't use it all that often, so no biggie. Anyway, I know you'll love it . . . And, by the way, I've heard nightmare stories about Dyson. They're supposedly great when they work, but they do not come with the service plans of an Oreck and to fix them is sort of like fixing a BMW. So, good choice. Enjoy. . . sorry for the ridiculously long "comment". Love you guys.

mama hawk said...

I want an Oreck... what can I do :)