Sunday, March 23, 2008


Friday, March 21, 2008


Dillon's dad is even harder to shop for than Dillon is. He's a single guy with a good job, so if he wants it, he buys it. Because of this, he's gotten shirts for the last 4+ Christmases and birthdays from us.

This last Christmas Dillon came up with a good idea to spoil his dad a little - an MP3 player. A little back story: Steve probably owns 7 or 8 thousand (yes, I said thousand) CD's. With an MP3 player, he could take so much more of his music with him than he was able to before with his CD case.

It was December 16th when Dillon ordered a Zune for his dad. It was guaranteed delivered by Christmas. Dillon used Best Buy because he figured if he wanted the unit with the larger storage, he could go into his neighborhood Best Buy, spend a bit more and upgrade.

Christmas came and went with nothing getting to Dad's house from us. Approximately January 16th, the thing finally showed up. Merry Christmas in January.

Steve decided that he did want the larger one, so he went in to Best Buy with his unopened gift. Once there they would not let him exchange it. They said that he would have to return it and they could credit our card back and that was it. Unbelievable. Who doesn't do gift exchanges?

Dillon's card received the credit a few days later, and he decided to send dad a gift card for the cost of the MP3 player instead. Well, Best Buy would not allow the entire amount on a gift card, so he ended up putting $15 on one and the rest on another. They sent the two separately - one by mail and the other by UPS. Don't ask me why. The $15 card arrived to him on a week or so later, but the card with the larger amount on it never showed. Come to find out, it was delivered to the wrong person. Luckily the individual who received the card was honest enough to call Best Buy and report it. We did not find out from Best Buy that his had happened though. A week or so later, Steve met the guy, he recognized Steve's name and told him about it.

Dillon then reported back to Best Buy and it took another couple of weeks for them to credit Dillon's card back for the lost gift card. At that point he had decided that we would just send Dad a personal check for the amount and he could go buy the thing from (hopeful) somewhere other than Best Buy.

As if this whole experience was not enough to make one hate that company, on March 4th I noticed another large charge from Best Buy on our account. It happened to be for the exact amount that we originally bought the MP3 player for back in December. When Dillon called them to inform them of their error, they told him that they did not do it. The description and amount were exactly as before from them, so we knew it was Best Buy. They kept telling us that they had no record of it and it wasn't them. We ended up having to report it to our bank as fraud and our bank gave us the money back.

Not only do you pay more for almost everything at this ironically named store, but this fiasco has officially assured Best Buy a top spot on my permanent boycott list.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday. I'm 32 this year, and I was just eight days early for Mom's 22nd birthday. You do the math. What a pleasure it's been to grow up learning so many lessons from such a kind, loving, strong person. Thanks for all you've done and for all you continue to do to make our lives so rich. We love you. Happy birthday!

On this day in 1965: Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes, becomes the first person to walk in space.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My New Vacuum

So, I bought a Eureka vacuum cleaner for $75 about a year ago. It worked well maybe the first two times. It's a bagless model, of which I like the idea, but not the results. It has gotten progressively worse every time I use it. I have cleaned the filters with no improvement. Last week was the final straw. I was vacuuming and all of a sudden a huge dust cloud came up into my face. It was awful.

Today Dillon and I were talking about a new vacuum and he brought up the Orecks. I have never liked them because they all look like they are straight out of the 70's to me. I have seen infomercials for them, but could never get past their looks. Dillon recalls an instance were his cousin Rachel was talking to someone about the Dysons when they first came out. Rachel said something like, 'Yeah, but I want an Oreck.' Dillon was sold on them from that point on. He lovingly referred to her as a domestic goddess today when he was telling me about the memory. I would agree with that title, so we went to check them out.

Our sales lady was on crack. No, really, I literally think she did some crack or meth just before we showed up. I am so glad Dillon did research on the web before going. We knew exactly what we wanted when we rolled up into the Oreck store and we still got WAY to much of this lady. She was one of the wiggiest people I have ever met.

Anyway, we spent way more than we thought we would ever on a vacuum cleaner but got a 10 year warranty, 10 free annual services, one year free supply of bags, a free canister vacuum ($199 value! :) ), and a free cordless iron car vac. We have a thirty day, money back guarantee too, so if it's not what I want to use for the next 10+ years I get a 100% refund.

I will let you know how I like them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's just that time of the year. It seems as though most of our immediate family has their birthday within the first three months of the year. Today is Dillon's. He hates people making a fuss over him for anything but especially his birthday. I can't resist though. Of all the stupid stuff I blog about, I have to blog about the day that my favorite person was born. Just for him, though, I will keep this short and sweet.

Happy birthday baby!!! I love you more than anything.