Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quite possibly the worst movie EVER!

I've walked out of a movie twice in my life. Once about 10 years ago from a gruesome horror film that was too much for me and yesterday from CLOVERFIELD. This link is supposed promote the film but only reiterates what I am trying to convey. They were going for a raw, edgy look. The ENTIRE movie is seen from the view of a home video camera being operated by someone who, I swear, has consecutive grand maul seizures throughout the film. Can you say barf bag!?!?! I would think it was just me because, let's face it, I am a motion sickness wuss. I am the only person I know to get car sick while driving. But Dillon was sicker than I was! We left an hour into it. Sadly, I was really interested in how the movie turned out. If anyone can stomach it, please tell me about the last half. There came a point in the movie where we stopped eating our movie snacks and were looking at each other with a hand in between our eyes and the big screen more that watching the show. This is when we knew we would have to bail. We threw our barely touched, large, extra buttery popcorn away and moaned with nauseous discomfort all the way home. I want my money back!


Anonymous said...

mamahawk says "hummm..."

Cheryl said...

You should have read the reviews.
That is a common reaction to that movie. That's why I won't be seeing it.

As with all good monster movies, I hear that in the end the monster wins.