Monday, February 18, 2008

Kathleen and Megan Visit BYU

My dad's wife Kathleen and her daughter Megan came down this weekend to tour BYU. Megan graduates in June and is not yet sure where she is going next fall for school.

They stayed with us Friday and Saturday night. It was fun having them. We went to the Spaghetti Factory, Kathleen's fav place to eat, on Saturday night with Paul and Emily and Devan (Kathleen's son who is going to BYU).

Starting from the left we have: Kathleen, Devan, me, Dillon, the top part of Paul's face, Emily and Megan

Not only did our waitress cut off Paul's face in the picture, but she abandoned us after she took it. The service was terrible to say the least. We had fun visiting nevertheless.

After dinner everyone except Devan (he had homework) went back to our place for some karaoke good times. Megan and Emily were the pitch queens, and Paul was the life of the party. He seems to only be able to hit the right notes when he is at least an octave above the song's. This was especially comical when he and Dillon duetted on Oops...I Did It Again by Britney Spears. I don't get to karaoke nearly as much as I would like, so this was a great treat for me.

On Sunday morning Kathleen and Megan headed back to Boise. It was nice having them. And, Megan, if you go to BYU, you can come over and karaoke with me on weekends...Eh? What do ya say?

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mamahawk said...

Sounds like so much fun...
"I like karaoke... What can I do!"
(LOL - private joke)