Sunday, February 17, 2008

Japanese IQ Test

This an IQ test used in Japan for hiring employees in the IT sector. An average person should complete it in about 15 minutes. Click on the picture below to link to the game. Here are the instructions. Let me know how you do...

To START click on the CIRCLE

Follow these rules:

1. Maximum of two people can go on the float.

2. Father cannot be with any of his daughters without the mother being present.

3. Mother cannot be with any of her sons without the father being present.

4. The prisoner cannot be alone (without the policeman) with any member of the family.

5. Only the policeman and parents can drive the float.

Click on the person to load and unload.

To cross the river, click on the red head on a pole on the other bank.

Your objective is to move all the people to the other side of the river.


Sasha said...

I got it and it didn't take that long. . . but then, the game wouldn't let me past a certain point. I followed the rules, but then it wouldn't let the mom pass with one of the daughters and it showed the cue that it was a mistake, but always showed a mom and a boy. I probably am not explaining it right, but I'm pretty certain the game was messing up or messing with me. Is there a trick or is this a joke wo see how long you'll waste your time?

Cerra Hawkins said...

It's no joke. When the circle comes up and won't let you do what you are trying to do, it's because you are breaking one of the rules. If it shows a mom and her son, it's because they cannot be together without their father.

daniel said...

Well, it did take some time for me... Then I did it again and wrote down how many steps (crossings of the river) it took, it was seventeen. Is there only one possible solution or has anyone fewer than these 17 steps?

Cerra Hawkins said...

I get 17 also. I think it is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

So what is the's a driving me crazy!

Cerra Hawkins said...

1. Cop and prisoner
2. Cop
3. Cop and boy (can be a boy or a girl but I will tell the solution for starting with a boy and if you start a the girl, then you will choose the opposite gender for each step)
4. Cop and prisoner
5. Dad and boy
6. Dad
7. Dad and Mom
8. Mom
9. Cop and prisoner
10. Dad
11. Dad and Mom
12. Mom
13. Mom and daughter
14. Cop and prisoner
15. Cop and daughter
16. Cop
17. Cop and prisoner

YAY!!! You did it!