Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Nolan was born on February 29, 1980... a Leap Day. This means that he only gets a "real" birthday every four years. Obviously, he is most often another 365 days older every March first, but this year he gets his seventh birthday that actually falls on the 29th of February.

Thanks to the unique nature of this extra day every four years, much of the world takes notice of Nolan's day along with us. Our pals over at Google have even created a fun logo to display on their home page today.

All the interesting tidbits aside, we're just glad that we can celebrate another year with Nolan. He's a great brother and friend. We love you Nolan, and happy birthday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can you say G-H-E-T-T-O?...

Who is stupid enough to steal and use temporary tags from someone else's car you ask? Only our fun friends in the ghetto! I just hope the bastard gets pulled the hell over and cuffed with his new temporary tag. I hope he gets a full body cavity search too. Go on dude; drive anywhere you'd like. The fine men and women in blue are one their way. Just pray they find you before I do.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kathleen and Megan Visit BYU

My dad's wife Kathleen and her daughter Megan came down this weekend to tour BYU. Megan graduates in June and is not yet sure where she is going next fall for school.

They stayed with us Friday and Saturday night. It was fun having them. We went to the Spaghetti Factory, Kathleen's fav place to eat, on Saturday night with Paul and Emily and Devan (Kathleen's son who is going to BYU).

Starting from the left we have: Kathleen, Devan, me, Dillon, the top part of Paul's face, Emily and Megan

Not only did our waitress cut off Paul's face in the picture, but she abandoned us after she took it. The service was terrible to say the least. We had fun visiting nevertheless.

After dinner everyone except Devan (he had homework) went back to our place for some karaoke good times. Megan and Emily were the pitch queens, and Paul was the life of the party. He seems to only be able to hit the right notes when he is at least an octave above the song's. This was especially comical when he and Dillon duetted on Oops...I Did It Again by Britney Spears. I don't get to karaoke nearly as much as I would like, so this was a great treat for me.

On Sunday morning Kathleen and Megan headed back to Boise. It was nice having them. And, Megan, if you go to BYU, you can come over and karaoke with me on weekends...Eh? What do ya say?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Japanese IQ Test

This an IQ test used in Japan for hiring employees in the IT sector. An average person should complete it in about 15 minutes. Click on the picture below to link to the game. Here are the instructions. Let me know how you do...

To START click on the CIRCLE

Follow these rules:

1. Maximum of two people can go on the float.

2. Father cannot be with any of his daughters without the mother being present.

3. Mother cannot be with any of her sons without the father being present.

4. The prisoner cannot be alone (without the policeman) with any member of the family.

5. Only the policeman and parents can drive the float.

Click on the person to load and unload.

To cross the river, click on the red head on a pole on the other bank.

Your objective is to move all the people to the other side of the river.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quite possibly the worst movie EVER!

I've walked out of a movie twice in my life. Once about 10 years ago from a gruesome horror film that was too much for me and yesterday from CLOVERFIELD. This link is supposed promote the film but only reiterates what I am trying to convey. They were going for a raw, edgy look. The ENTIRE movie is seen from the view of a home video camera being operated by someone who, I swear, has consecutive grand maul seizures throughout the film. Can you say barf bag!?!?! I would think it was just me because, let's face it, I am a motion sickness wuss. I am the only person I know to get car sick while driving. But Dillon was sicker than I was! We left an hour into it. Sadly, I was really interested in how the movie turned out. If anyone can stomach it, please tell me about the last half. There came a point in the movie where we stopped eating our movie snacks and were looking at each other with a hand in between our eyes and the big screen more that watching the show. This is when we knew we would have to bail. We threw our barely touched, large, extra buttery popcorn away and moaned with nauseous discomfort all the way home. I want my money back!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blessing in disguise?

Three Wednesdays ago I was turning on to the road that my apartment is on when some jack-ass t-boned me. He was in a giant truck and I was driving our hoopty Grand Am. Once the cop got there and we had pulled off the road onto the shoulder, the guy had the nerve to say, "I don't think I have any damage..." Good for you! Why don't you keep your idiotic comments to yourself?

The driver's side door was all busted in and wouldn't open from the outside or close all the way. I was a little bunged up that day and spent the next several hours at home trying to get a rental car so that I could go to work. I was limping around the house because my leg that was resting on the door that got hit was aching pretty bad and spasming some. My neck and back were a little sore too. I was dreading the next couple of days because I was anticipating the pain to get much worse before it got better.

The next morning I felt totally fine. I thought it was a fluke and that the pain would be unbearable at any moment. That moment never happened! I was so lucky. I don't think I have had any accident related pain since that first day. I still can't believe it.

So here I am with a smashed up, super old car and a check from the guy's insurance company. We decided not to get the car fixed. Who know how much longer it was going to last and, even though it was no money out of pocket, why put down almost 2 grand on something that old. So we took our check and put it toward our new (to us) car.

We bought a 2002 Honda Accord. Let's just say I love it! It's a used car, don't get me wrong. One could find things wrong with it if they looked really hard, but it's a clean car. It's silver with black leather interior, coupe, with a spoiler, and it's the V6 model so it's nice and zippy. We got a great deal too.

Neither of us wanted to buy a new car right now. I hated driving a ghetto-mobile, but wanted to save until we ran it into the ground. I think the decision was made for us here though. And since I didn't get hurt, I consider this kind of a blessing in disguise.