Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moab 2007

We took a trip to Moab this weekend. It was the first time I had ever been. What an amazing place! It was truly unique and exhilarating.

On Saturday we went to Arches National Park. The rock formations there were like nothing I have ever seen before. The beautiful red rock has formed magnificent sights.

When we entered the park, this is some of what we saw first. It was breathtaking for me.

This one reminds me of those Easter Island things.

I have never seen so many wonderful landscapes.

I loved all the spires and balanced rocks. It was like walking through natures art gallery of sculptures.

And of course the "Balanced Rock"

There were petrified sand dunes.

And then came what the park was named for... the ARCHES!

Maybe these will become arches in a few thousand...or million years...

On Sunday we went to Canyon Lands National Park. The views were also breathtaking and amazing, but so different. Within the short ten miles by the way the crow flies from Arches to Canyon lands it's like stepping into a different world. The pictures do not do the intricate and seemingly infinite landscape justice.

Being the little Indian tracker that I am, I spotted a dinosaur track...can you see it? hee hee

Some more spires here.

This was a great trip. This area is unlike anything else on the earth. I can't believe that I have lived this close to this place for so long and haven't gone before now.


Sasha said...

Southern Utah is truly a magical place and by far, one of my absolute favorite places on the planet. I fell in love with it in highschool when I followed in Dillon's footsteps and went on the highschool "survival" trip. It was a life-changing experience and has forever bonded me to that area. I miss it and hope to go back again soon.

I had no idea you'd never been before, but now that you have, I'm sure you'll be back again in no time. Its funny how you can live so close to something and just never go there. I'm venturing off on Saturday to tour some areas right here in Alaska for a change instead of some foreign land. I'm pretty excited to explore my own backyard.

I really like that first picture of you two, but I'm wondering why that lady wouldn't stand up and get out of the shot. Can you work some fancy editing and crop her out?

Cool pics. . . thanks for sharing!

Mama Hawk said...

I am thrilled that you had a nice trip! There is something cleansing about being able to explore and enjoy natures wonders. Love you bunches.

Sasha said...

How 'bout an update guys. . . What's new?

Sasha said...

Okay, its been a month today. Time for a new post guys. Love that Moab, but somehow I'm sick of seeing it. Just want to hear more about what else is going on. House? Life? Weather? Whatever. . . Mom suggested we all meet up together in Alaska for Easter by the way. I mentioned it to Nolan and he said that he and Heather would think about it. What about you guys? Any interest? We can all stay in my new house. Its got lots of room :) Hope all is well. Love you. ~your seester