Monday, April 30, 2007

My Little Sister

SashaFor the few people who read our blog and don't read my sister Sasha's, I have some news that may be of interest, and a request.

Sasha has just undergone her second mastectomy. This surgery, and the one that preceded it a year ago, were in response to a diagnosis of breast cancer last May. Based on my understanding, this surgery was the last major medical procedure in what has been a year of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation.

Sasha came out of surgery Friday afternoon and her recovery is going well thus far. As you can probably imagine, Sasha is in a lot of physical pain. Sash has also courageously dealt with a series exhausting emotional trials for the past year.

Regardless of your faith, Cerra and I hope that you will set apart a moment to focus positive energy toward my little sister. Your prayers, meditation and thoughts of love, peace and healing all make such a difference.

Thank you all so much. We love you Sashie!