Thursday, November 02, 2006





Paul and Emily came over Sunday and we carved some pumpkins, ate some candy and watched some UHF. This post is a little late. I started getting ill on Monday, and it's just been getting worse so far. I think I might be topping out on the 'how crappy can we make Cerra feel?' meter. Hopefully it's down hill from here. Hope you all had a happy, safe Halloween!


mamahawk said...

Sorry you are sick! However, you are the pumkin queen!!! Love you...TTFN :)

Sasha said...

Very cool pumpkins. Get better soon. Love you.

Sasha said...

You know, it was because of the two of you and momma that I started my blog. I was following your lead. I thought we were in this little blog club together and we all got to share our stories and pictures, etc, etc. I have to say, you guys do much better than mama, but not that much better. I check your blog almost everyday just waiting to see something new about two of my favorite people. . . but, I get nothing. Meanwhile, I am still posting plenty of things to keep everyone else going. I'm not sure we're in the same club. I'm kidding. Sort of. I just want to hear about you guys more often, so you know, do what you can. . . Have you decided whether or not you're going to make it down to St. George for the weekend after Christmas or not? Also, Dillon, what is the best email to reach you where I'll get a response? Love you guys, your seester :)