Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Weekend with Uncle Earwig and the Gang

On Saturday we had a mini family reunion at Alan's house. Eric, Dillon's uncle from California, was passing through with his wife and grand kids on their two week RV trip through the western states. Almost everyone was there - we were only missing Mark and his wife, Kathleen, Sasha, and JD and his fiancé, Lauri.

Alan deemed it necessary early on to buy some "toys" for the occasion. He bought a pool for the little kids and a "go cart" for the big kids - I thought it looked more like a dune-buggy. Both were well used, but the pool quickly became worth its weight in gold. Those kids (all 11 of them) spent 90% of the time in that thing. They had a ball!

Alan and Eric took the go cart out for a ride. They looked so cute together in that thing. They also looked like they were headed for trouble. I didn't get any pictures, so if you did, email it to me please. Anyway, they headed out and were gone for awhile when an ATV rolled up with a kid driving and Alan on the back. Alan hopped off, grabbed a rope and hopped back on and off they went. Alan and Eric came back a little later with the go cart covered in mud. Alan didn't want to talk about the details of the event.

Then it was time for food! Mmmmmm. Good stuff. Many helped out to make it a great meal! It's not like great food isn't a usual at Ani's house, but it was still a great treat.

We ate and visited. It was great to catch up with everyone.

I was enamored by David's kittens. I spent almost the entire day thinking there was just one very fast, bi-polar kitten (one was a lot more friendly than the other), but there were actually two that looked almost exactly alike.

After dinner, we were in much need of David's famous chocolate chip cookies. He couldn't bake them fast enough. A couple of dozen would come out of the oven and then be gone before the next batch even went in the oven. They are extraordinary. I have been told that Carol has a lot of credit in mentoring young David on his baking skills.

Dillon waited anxiously for those cookies to be ready.

There was a lot of fun to be had that day.

And little Anthony slept through the entire thing. Amazing!

A great time was had by all...

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Sasha said...

I'm so sad that I wasn't there. All the kids look like they're growing so so big. I've missed too much. I hope that EVERYONE can come together again soon for a reunion with all of us. Maybe Summer '07 at a campground in Idaho near Mamahawk's place? Any of you proactive family members (you know who you are Carol, Rachel, Ani, Mama. . . )could think about planning and what we need to do in order to get everyone there. It would be so so great. It looks like those of you who got to enjoy it had an awsome time and I'm so happy for that. I'll see you next time. . .I love you all so much.