Saturday, April 01, 2006

Our New Investment

Cerra and I are happy to announce our partnership with Simian Genomics as investors. Simian Genomics is a company on the cutting edge of medical research, with a primary focus on organ regeneration through the use of alternatives to human stem cells. By modifying the mitochondrial structure of non-human, mammalian stem cells, amazing breakthroughs have been accomplished without the ethical and legal concerns associated with human stem cell research, and the FDA is expected to approve human testing of three of SG's therapies by Q2 2007. We expect an 18% return on our investment within 12 months! Check out the company and get in touch if you're interested in investing.


chimpanPeeeeee said...

They approached me about my donor possibilities not too long ago...So I donated some of my stem cells for their research...I hope it pays off!

*crosses fingers*

Mama Hawk said...

Is this a joke ? or what are you really investing in something ?