Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wish you were there...don't ya!?

Here is the latest from New Zealand:

Hello all,

We are in Picton, at the top of the North Island, waiting to cross on the ferry to Wellington. It seems strange that I will be meeting my penpal in just a few hours after writing to her for so many years. Should be fun. We've had a great time. Saw some awesome scenery along the coast and got some close-up shots of seals. The country has every kind of scenery imaginable, so we have ocean, glaciers, meadows, sheep, mountains, sheep, cool churches, sheep. Oh yeah, they have a lot of sheep here. They also raise a lot of deer and elk on ranches. Also saw the infamous Bra Fence (you'll just have to see the picture if you want to know more). On the North Island we're hoping to catch some Maori culture and the Glow Worm caves. Should be cool. Talk to you all again soon.

Kathleen and Doug


Mama Hawk said...

I wonder, did they find the possum?

sad_faced_pea said...

I wonder why they don't send me the updates anymore :(

Sasha said...

Since we're all wondering. . . I wonder if your parent will run into my dear friend Mike Mraz, who is tramping through New Zealand right now too. . . Wouldn't that be a kick?