Friday, March 24, 2006

New News from New Zealand

I got another email from my dad and Kathleen today.
...I'm writing from a little restaurant in the mountains between Haast (on the lower west coast) and Queenstown, which is in the lower middle of the South Island. From Queensland we head to Dunedin to see the haunted Scottish castle. Yesterday we saw lots of cool ocean scenes (there's a lot of ocean when you're on an island) and the famous Pancake Rocks. Today we've hiked through a lot of rainforest that's so thick you can barely see through it let alone walk off the trails. Doug is on the trail of the elusive NZ possum. We've seen lots of dead ones on the road but no live ones. The fur on the NZ variety is extremely soft and is highly valued for all the usual fur items. It's like a cross between mink and rabbit. I'm hoping he doesn't find one because I can just see the scene at customs when he tries to sneak that one by.

We've made a few new friends, including Phillip, a 24-year-old from Germany who is backpacking around the country for 8 months, stopping every now and then to work and make a few bucks. We also have a new best friend in Christchurch who likes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We plan to send him a CD when we get home to thank him for driving us around the city, getting us a great deal on a rental car and taking care of lots of other details. Everything is really expensive here so we haven't bought much. A plate of eggs and toast at the place we stayed last night was $17. We're eating a lot of grocery store stuff and avoiding restaurants.

We should be in Dunedin Sunday morning, so I'll let you know how church goes. I'm also hoping to get to the temple when we get up to Hamilton, but we may not have time (and it may be closed anyway since it's conference weekend at the time we'll be there). At least we can see the outside and visit the visitor's center.

Doug and Kathleen
Sounds like fun guys! Keep in touch.

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Kathleen H said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing :)