Thursday, March 02, 2006

Love is in the air...

My brother Paul and his fiance Emily gave me the opportunity to use my new digital camera to take engagement photos for them. It was a great photography experience for me. We battled with wind and a high sun (we couldn't get out to the park until afternoon), so I had to work on keeping shadows/light spots and hair out of their faces. We managed to get some pictures I think they will be able to use. I am posting my favorites. I have added some color effects to some of them. I had to make them small for the blog, but you get the idea - the actual pictures are a much higher quality.

Here are some fun ones we did that I though were cute.

They are getting married in the Salt Lake City Temple on April 8th. Congrats Paul and Emily!!!

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Kathleen Hawkins said...

Excellent! Congrats Paul and Emily.