Friday, March 10, 2006


On this day, three decades ago, a birth occurred before I was even born that would make my life whole. Dillon is the most incredible person I have ever known. My love for him is immeasurable. For this, I celebrate his birth. Happy Birthday Dillon! You are my everything.
I have been taking his picture for 2 months now (ever since I got my new camera).
Sadly, this is the best one I have...maybe this will be motivation for him to cooperate better...


Dillon Hawkins said...

I love you, dear. Great picture... I'm suing.

Captain Amazingastical said...



seester said...

Please cooperate with Cerra and smile for the stinkin' picture. You are way too beautiful to look so ill.

Cerra, you are so sweet and I'm so happy that my brother has someone who loves him like you do.

Happy happy earth debut day sweet Dinnon! I love you and am proud to have you as my brother and my friend!