Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wagons Ho!

Well pilgrims, it looks as though Cerra and I are going to be on the trail again. We're excited to announce that I've been offered, and have accepted a position as an application developer with Distinctive Software Systems (DSS), a small software company in South Jordan, Utah. DSS specializes in database driven applications for medium to small businesses. I've already begun work and am staying with Nolan while Cerra finds us an apartment . We're going to miss Mom and the animals, but we're just a short, cheap flight from Idaho, so we'll be visiting often. Cerra and I are very grateful to have been blessed with this great opportunity for me to work doing what I love while earning a good salary and for Cerra to return to college full-time. Thanks to all our family and friends for your support as we've taken these first steps together this past year. Of course, special thanks to Mom for all that she has done and does for us.


Cerra Hawkins said...

Soon the DSS website will be a lot prettier now that Dillon is on staff, I'm sure. ºÜº
BTW We just signed a 12 month lease on an aptartment in South Jordan. Very exciting stuff!

sasha said...

I'm so excited for you both. I know this is a step that you have really been waiting for. I'm terribly sad that of your entire time in Idaho, I missed it. I was really looking forward to having you there when I return someday. But, you're right. Its a quick and cheap flight away so I too will be visiting often as well. I'm so glad that you landed this job Dillon, and I know that DSS is supremely lucky to have you. And, yay Cerra. . . back to school to pursue your passions. Do you know yet what direction you are heading toward in school?

Looking forward to hearing more as you get settled.

Love you both bunches and bunches.

P said...

Do you really have to go to college to be a bus driver?


Kathleen said...

P A U L ! ! !

Mama Hawk said...

Missing the kids already! Cerra left yesterday, (12/23/05), to join Dillon in Utah. Best of the best to both of you.

the mighty p said...

I tease because I love! :)

And Cerra made it here safely and I wooped up on her at Tetris yesterday! Hehe :)

Cerra Hawkins said...

You only wish JABRONI! I mopped the floor with your sorry ability to stack geometric shapes!

peeeeaaaaaaaa said...

My geometric exactitude OWNED YOU!

Dual-gold-cubage anyone?


Besides, you cheat.