Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gym Membership

I got a gym membership yesterday! Ever since daylight savings ended, I haven't been able to run outside; it's dark by the time I get home.

I convinced my work to sign up for a corporate membership with a local gym a couple of months ago. It drastically reduces the monthly fees for the employees. I am only paying $15/month for 24 hour access.

I want to start going every day before work, but even if I miss a morning, I can go at lunch or after work that day. They have locations in Weiser and Ontario (where I live and where I work). I am going to get into great shape! YAY!


Mary said...

Good for you Cerra! I still struggle to work out, so to see it can be done really motivates those of us who, well, aren't motivated! We miss you guys!

sasha said...

You rock Cerra!

david said...

Cerra, you just need to relax a little bit. Don't stress about going to the gym. Look at me for example, I haven't been in months! ;-) Just kidding! I actually just started swimming to get my exercise in. I like to jog, but my knees don't! I hope that I can come up and visit soon!

PWNED said...

"Ghime(gym)? What's a ghime? Ohhhhh...Duhh...A ghime!"

I want to go to a ghime :(


But if you want some REAL exercise, I suggest you go to work in my cotton mines.

|\--). '
/\../-\ '

^^^Artist's redition of you guys working in my cotton mines.