Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bus Driver Cerra!

I am training to get my CDL at work so that I can be a substitute bus driver. I haven't taken any tests yet; I have only been reading and attending trainings. Next week I am going to take a general knowledge test.

On Monday's "Staff Training Day," I was with the bus drivers all day going to their trainings. The last part of the day we all loaded onto a bus to practice/brush up on techniques learned that day in a big, empty parking lot. I didn't think that I was allowed to get behind the wheel. Then the transportation specialist said, "Cerra, it's your turn."

I was excited. The first thing we did was pick a reference point from a given distance and then move the bus and stop that distance from something using your reference point. I was right on. Which wasn't very exciting because it's a fairly easy task, once you know the concept.

After that, we practiced the serpentine course. That is a line of cones that are 3-6 feet longer than the bus you are driving and you slalom the cones and get as close as you can to them without knocking them over.

(I found this picture on the www. It kind of gives you an idea.)

You go through the course backwards and forwards. Surprisingly enough, the course in reverse is much easier than forward.

We use small buses at our school, but the distance between the wheels are pretty close comparing the overall length of the two. The tailswing on the bigger buses is greater though.

Anyway, I got to try this course too. I didn't knock over a single cone nor have to change directions to make it. I did it both in reverse and going forward. I had a lot of coaching, but it was still a great learning experience.

It was my first time behind the wheel of a bus. It was super fun! Soon I will make you all call me "Bus Driver Cerra" like the children will.


PEE! said...

Oh noes!

I forsee the future...

Cerra Hawkins said...

That's not even funny, dude! There are small children on those things!!! So how many of them died in that picture that you so whimsically displayed? Hmm? Not funny…

PEE! x2 said...

Oh yeah, one more thing...Did I read betweens the lines correctly that you will be comandeering the fabled "short bus"?

How fitting! :P

PEE! x3 said...

See that window in the middle that's kind of hanging ajar?

I think like 3-4 kids flew at that one window alone! Hahaha, I'm just kidding, I'm terrible(y awesome).

PEE! x4 said...

Get your school to get you a bus like this: DO THE CLICK HERE!

I think it would really help their educations.

Heh, sorry, there's just too much fun to be had with school busses.

Cerra Hawkins said...

There was no "read[ing] between the lines" necessary; I said, "We use the small busses..." Also, it's not the driver of those busses who is retarded, so I will be in the same position as the person who takes you to school is.

Kathleen Hawkins said...

Cerra, you are AWESOME! To coin a phrase, "you go girl!"

Dillon Hawkins said...

I don't really think you coined that phrase, mom.

david said...

LOL!!! Who is pee?! I am so confused! At any rate, nice driving! When I was in the mission, I was the only one "qualified" to drive the mission van with a trailer attached. I had never (1)driven a van and (2)driven with a trailer attached. I learned fast since I had only one day to learn how to drive them both before The following day I had to cross Texas into Lousiana for transfers. I drove 20 hours that day!

Kathleen! Your too young to coin phrases like that! :)

Sasha said...

I'm still laughing at Dillon's response. . . "I don't really think you coined that phrase mom." Too funny! I can literally hear the rest of the live conversation that must be going on.

I'm confused and bewildered by pee! Who is this person? Why are they so mean? Why are you talking back Cerra?

I second mom, you are AWESOME Cerra. What can you not do?

David I can't help but wonder how you ended up as the most "qualified" to drive the van and trailer? Tell us more :)

Cerra Hawkins said...

"Pee" is Paul, my brother. Yes, he is very mean and obnoxious.

David, what did missionaries need a trailer for? Did you load it up with missionaries when going to firesides, etc? ºÜº I also would be very interested to know more of that story...

Thanks all for overcompensating for my brother's rude remarks.

the paulmighty said...

Why's everyone got to be dissing me? :'(

Teasing is Cerra is like the tides...It's necesary to maintain propper environmental and ecological balance and harmony.

And furthermore, I could never tease her more than she's teased me (not too mention excruciating bodily harm that I am still recovering from to this day).

Now then...In my previous post, I just wanted to point out that if you are indeed driving all the handies to school you would feel more at home in that environment because they would be closer to your mindset. Even if you do consider yourself the "superior driver. Also, I've seen some retarded bus drivers not even onthe short bus! *gasp* Small and short are different, but thanks for clarifying your intended meaning. I'm going to make a picture in your honor.

Cerra+school bus=funny
It's just a mathematical fact.

As much as I tease wittle Cewwa, she's the bestest little sister ever! *wimpers from the past wounds of Cerra's tyranical rampages*

Also, Cerra, how come you keep posting little uteri everywhere?!

ºÜº <----Case in point.

It makes me uncomfortable :(

Anyhoo, I'm not sure if that post makes much sense or has much political correctness, because I'm at work and very hungry and it's time for lunch and weeeeeeee!!!!!11oneone

PS - Internet blogs should not be taken too seriously :P

PPS - Your mom goes to college!