Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Run, Forrest! RUN!

Well, I have been running now for about 7 months. When I started running, my shoes were bad - so you can only imagine how they are now. I recently have been getting knee and hip pains with each run - not good!

Last Wednesday Dillon took me into Ontario and bought me new shoes and a watch for a surprise. It was great! He said he considered the shoes an investment for avoiding a knee replacement down the road. They are Saucony Jazz X shoes in lavender and silver (shiny!). They are super cute, and soooo comfortable. They have no stability (which I need in my running shoe) and maximum cushion (which I also need in my running shoe). They also hava a "patented grid technology" for cushion, and, unlike Air Nikes, it won't pop. (I had my old Nikes for about a week before I popped one of the air sack-thingies - it sucked) They are the perfect width, so I don't have to buy a shoe that is 1/2 a size too big just to get it wide enough. And they are super light weight. Saucony only makes running shoes; that makes them pros. They are also less commercially popular so they are cheaper than say, a comparable Nike.

My watch is a Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek watch. With it I can tell time (I know! That's awesome, but it gets EVEN better), time runs and split that time into laps, set 3 alarms at one time, count down the time and count down the time with intervals. I like it a lot, and it's pink! (another huge plus).

And after all of this, Dillon still wasn't done. He decided to make me a "Running Journal" for our blog that I can post to. It's super fun. He also made it so that my last running stats will be displayed on the home page (see the image below). This adds a little pressure to my runs...but I still dig it. Be sure to keep track of my progress and cheer me on!


Sasha said...

Run Cerra RUN! You are awsome! Still inspired by you, but still lacking in making any moves in your same direction myself, as I had hoped. Hmm? What's the trick? Icy roads and 25 degrees outside don't help, but its still no excuse! Good for you though!!!

Cerra Hawkins said...

Well, I can tell you this. If I lived in Alaska, I would NEVER go outside, even in the "summer" - I am not kidding! So I think you are ok to start when you get back to civilization. ºÜº (I can't wait until you do, by the way)

paulmighty said...


Good for you! I used to run all the time, but it's gets so boring, but I've been playing football with somefriends about once a week, so that's fun, and lots of good exercise. I pulled a groin muscle and jammed my pinky finger this week, too! ADDED BONI! (that's plural for "bonus" for you non-sequiturs, also a Latin word...Wooo Latin!).

Nice shoes though. I've always liked Nikes, but unless you get the $150 kind, your air soles are almost guaranteed to go out in like a month. I bought the super high-end kind about 4 years ago and they still work, but the cheaper kind that I bought about 6 months ago, one has already blown! LAME!

Cool stuff though, I like your little running log too, heh.

Also, this one's for you Cerra!


Love ya!

sasha said...

You are sweet. . . but, yes, you would go outside. Its too beautiful to miss. I'm looking forward to civilization again, but since making a firm decision that I'm coming back, I'm also sad and nervous. I'm looking forward to soaking up the last months I have left. I wish I had a treadmill!

Mom said...

HOOOORAAAYYYYY for Cerra! She runs and she looks good while she is doing it, too!

Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

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