Friday, October 28, 2005

Fat and Happy

Today was a memorable day for Gizmo; today he caught he first mouse! Every day he goes out into the neighbor's pasture to "hunt", but alas, he returns with nothing due to his crossed eyes. This evening Mom and I were moving the tarp to cover the new ton of hay that was just delivered. I grabbed it and pulled; a mouse went scurrying around frantically on the tarp. I screamed like a little girl. The tarp was lying just so that he wasn't finding his way out very easily. "KITTY - KITTY - KITTY!" I bellowed in a high pitched voice - I don't know why I thought that terrible sound would lure anything to come to me. I frantically looked around and saw Gizmo. I went running over to him. He looked up at me with his big, blue, crossed eyes and ran. I tried my best to slow down but at the same time catch him fast enough so the mouse wouldn't get away. I finally cornered him, grabbed him and ran with him over to the tarp. The mouse was still there! I was surprised. I knew my chances of setting Gizzy down and having him even see the mouse were few and far between - let alone get him to catch it. I slowly set him on the tarp. *WAP* He bolted like lightening. That mouse didn't stand a chance! And just as fast as he caught it, he ran away with it. He was so proud of himself. Normally Gizmo is very needy and neurotic, but tonight, he is fat and happy.


Kathleen Hawkins said...

Oh yes ~ Gizzy was soooo... proud! What did he ever do with that mouse anyway?

Sasha said...

I love that story. Yay Gizmo!