Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

As of last Friday, no one in this house had given Halloween a second thought. On my way out of the door from work, a coworker told me there were left-over pumpkins from the kids' field trip and to help myself to them. Sweet! Free pumpkins! I took four, so now I had seven pumpkins total - three little ones from our garden this year and four medium ones from the school. I was stoked to carve them!

Saturday was packed. We worked on the goat/horse shed ALL day - we didn't even stop to eat. When night fell we went to Sizzler to celebrate Kathleen's new job, gorged ourselves on the all-you-can-eat buffet and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we went to church - Dillon stayed home sick (I think it was the buffet). After church I was so excited to start carving pumpkins. I kept trying to sell the idea to Dillon and Kathleen to do it with me, but they weren't buying it. So I set out to carve alone. I laid out two trash bags on the kitchen floor, put Napoleon Dynamite in the DVD player and stabbed my first pumpkin. I didn't even have it all the way hollowed out when Kathleen asked me to go with her to deliver 10 chickens to the Winegars - a great family in the ward. I went with. Their two kids love me and the third is beginning to (he's only 8 months old). Orin (the six year old boy) asked his mom, "Can we go over to Cerra's house?" Afton (the eight year old girl) thought that was a great idea too. After a bit of convincing from them, she relented.

We brought the two kids back home with us while John, Deana and Lee (dad, mom and baby Winegar) went home teaching. We went out to the goats and watched Orin ride the yearling billy. It was so cute. He's so stumpy and stout. He's literally a "goat roper".

After that we came in and started carving pumpkins. The kids didn't know they were going to get to do that. They were so excited. Even Dillon couldn't resist the fun and drew a "scary face" on one of the pumpkins for me to carve out.

Before they left, the kids asked if the could come over trick-or-treating the following night - you need to make prior arrangements out in the country before go or you won't get any candy. So I went to the dollar store on my way home from work and bought a couple of candy bars. I bought some extras just in case, but they were our only two. Afton was a fairy princess (my all time favorite costume growing up - I think I sported my wings made out of panty hose and wire coat hangers and my flyswatter wand at least three years. Aftie's costume was a lot better than mine ever was - she was precious looking. Orin was Davie Crockett. I guess he was Santa last year. What a funny kid! They came in and let me take pictures of them - too cute!!!

All in all it was a quiet Halloween. I enjoyed myself thoroughly though - I carved pumpkins, drank apple juice and hung out with two really fun kids...Did I mention that I carved pumpkins? Well, I did! I wonder if there's a future in it for me... Talk about a dream job!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fat and Happy

Today was a memorable day for Gizmo; today he caught he first mouse! Every day he goes out into the neighbor's pasture to "hunt", but alas, he returns with nothing due to his crossed eyes. This evening Mom and I were moving the tarp to cover the new ton of hay that was just delivered. I grabbed it and pulled; a mouse went scurrying around frantically on the tarp. I screamed like a little girl. The tarp was lying just so that he wasn't finding his way out very easily. "KITTY - KITTY - KITTY!" I bellowed in a high pitched voice - I don't know why I thought that terrible sound would lure anything to come to me. I frantically looked around and saw Gizmo. I went running over to him. He looked up at me with his big, blue, crossed eyes and ran. I tried my best to slow down but at the same time catch him fast enough so the mouse wouldn't get away. I finally cornered him, grabbed him and ran with him over to the tarp. The mouse was still there! I was surprised. I knew my chances of setting Gizzy down and having him even see the mouse were few and far between - let alone get him to catch it. I slowly set him on the tarp. *WAP* He bolted like lightening. That mouse didn't stand a chance! And just as fast as he caught it, he ran away with it. He was so proud of himself. Normally Gizmo is very needy and neurotic, but tonight, he is fat and happy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Run, Forrest! RUN!

Well, I have been running now for about 7 months. When I started running, my shoes were bad - so you can only imagine how they are now. I recently have been getting knee and hip pains with each run - not good!

Last Wednesday Dillon took me into Ontario and bought me new shoes and a watch for a surprise. It was great! He said he considered the shoes an investment for avoiding a knee replacement down the road. They are Saucony Jazz X shoes in lavender and silver (shiny!). They are super cute, and soooo comfortable. They have no stability (which I need in my running shoe) and maximum cushion (which I also need in my running shoe). They also hava a "patented grid technology" for cushion, and, unlike Air Nikes, it won't pop. (I had my old Nikes for about a week before I popped one of the air sack-thingies - it sucked) They are the perfect width, so I don't have to buy a shoe that is 1/2 a size too big just to get it wide enough. And they are super light weight. Saucony only makes running shoes; that makes them pros. They are also less commercially popular so they are cheaper than say, a comparable Nike.

My watch is a Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek watch. With it I can tell time (I know! That's awesome, but it gets EVEN better), time runs and split that time into laps, set 3 alarms at one time, count down the time and count down the time with intervals. I like it a lot, and it's pink! (another huge plus).

And after all of this, Dillon still wasn't done. He decided to make me a "Running Journal" for our blog that I can post to. It's super fun. He also made it so that my last running stats will be displayed on the home page (see the image below). This adds a little pressure to my runs...but I still dig it. Be sure to keep track of my progress and cheer me on!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


The kittens are at that age where you want to keep all of them. They are old enough to have their own little personalities, yet not old enough bite or scratch hard. And their faces are to die for - so puggy and cute. They are so curious as they discover the new world around them. They aren't fully coordinated yet, so it's even cuter to watch them fall around while doing so.

Even Winslow can't resist them.

We brought them outside today to play - they still live in the garage. They loved it. It was a nice, warm, sunshiny day. They met the chickens for the first time too. They thought it was great fun to chase the chickens...until they got pecked a couple of times.

We've become kind of lazy in our names for this batch. The back and white ones are "Cowboy" and "Cowgirl" - pretty boring. And the three black ones are Balooju (Baloo Junior), Baloojutu (Baloo Junior II) and Fooju (Footie Junior). Baloo and Footie were two cats from the previous litter. I think the novelty of kittens is wearing thin...