Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Women's Fitness Celebration

Part of my birthday present for the last 3 years from Doug and Kathleen Craven (Dad and Step-Mom) has been entry into the Women's Fitness Celebration. It's a 5k through downtown Boise stroll, walk, or run that falls on the third Saturday of September.

This year it was Kathleen, Megan (her daughter), Susanne (her best friend from California) and me who went. It was a great time. We all wore tiaras and sashes - being the princesses that we are. My sash said "Miss Taken"on it. I was going to be "Miss Demeanor" but they wanted me to be "Miss Taken" because I am so recently married. I really liked the idea of the whole thing being an ode to Dillon on my part, so I changed my mind. Kathleen was "Miss Behavin'", Susanne was "Miss Chief" and Megan was "Miss Chievous".

We had a great time. I was going to run, but got a cold the Wednesday before and was still sick for the race. They ran a block with me at the beginning to make me feel good. Every year the give out t-shirts when you sign up. The logos on them are different each time, but they all say "5k stroll, walk and run" on the bottom. Two years ago I circled stroll on the t-shirt I got - because we strolled. Last year I circled walk. This year I wanted to circle run, but didn't run. Susanne said that I had better circle it because we ran (the block), but I think I'll hold out until next year when I run the whole thing.

Here is 20 minutes of video of the event. I didn't see us on there, so that made the footage rather dull to me. It gives you an idea of what it is like though.

We are always recruiting more people participate with us too. So if you are going to be around next year, you should! (Sorry Paul, you have to be a girl!) I tried to talk Kathleen (Hawkins) in to taking her new knee out for a spin...maybe next year.


seester said...

I participated in this event with girlfriends two years of the 3 that I was in Boise. It was so fun. I will hopefully be joining you in it next year if I'm back by then. I anticipate a return sometime in June '06. I was a walker/runner, but always hoped that I would eventually be a runner for the whole way too. Maybe next year with you will be my year too? Love you.

Kathleen Hawkins said...

Didn't I get sick or something? I'm pretty sure that was it. If I had gone I was going to be "Miss Fit" (as in misfit - LOL). Way fun event. I will try to make it next year too.

Cerra Hawkins said...

Yay Seester!!! I can't wait until you are home! Let's run together!

I think you oppted out before you got sick Mom. But next year for sure - you are a perfect "Miss Fit"

Meestar P said...

Pfft, I can be a girl! Oh wait...I've said too much...