Wednesday, September 14, 2005

They Only Come Out at Night

I got a late start to my run last night and am thinking I should do it more often. I wasn't even a quarter mile into it when out of nowhere there was a skunk in front of me. It seemed as though we both startled each other. I dashed to the other side of the road while he shot up and poofed out his tail. "How fast can you suckers run?" I asked him as I cautiously scurried by. He didn't come after me though. He went into a small, empty ditch pipe pretty quickly. I thought that was neat. I have never seen a skunk free and "in the wild" before, and I was glad that I didn't have to take a tomato bath that night.

All along my run, there was even more scurrying in the bushes along side of the road than usual. I heard a screech owl a couple of times.

Nearing the place where I turn around to go home, I saw "the biggest ass dog" I had ever seen! It was a deer. It looked like a HUGE, scary, hungry wolf for a few seconds though. I got a good blast of endorphins from thinking it was. After I realized it was a deer, I got excited in a different way. I awe in the sight wildlife.

I LOVE to see wild animals free - even if they are just skunks and deer. I could watch them for hours if they'd let me - it's true, ask Dillon.

It's tempting to make a habit out of going running later... I probably won't though; just in case it isn't a deer next time.

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Mom said...

It might not be just the "cute" things that come out at night... be careful. Carry a big stick with you if you are late or don't go late. :-)