Monday, September 19, 2005

Evel Knievel Doesn't Hold a Candle

I've been wanting to ride Starberry (we now call Star "Starberry" because she is a strawberry color and she likes to eat them). We've ridden her before, but she's not completely comfortable under-saddle and she chomps on the bit constantly. We couldn't get her to relax. Today I asked Kathleen if she would hold her while I sat on her bareback. I wanted to "hang out" on her and have her comfortable.

I went out to her corral and haltered her. I brought her out to the lawn and Kathleen held her while I used a chair to get on her. At first, I was just sitting on her while Kathleen held her and she ate grass. Then Kathleen used part of the long lead rope to give me some reins. I controlled her a little and then let her chill and then did it again. All while Kathleen had a hold of her just in case.

We walked around the side of the house to the front. Just as we stopped, Max (the best dog in the world) jumped out of the creek. Starberry spooked and took a big, fast side-step. It was just like a magician pulling a table cloth out from under a bunch of china. I landed with one foot perfectly on the ground and the other still on Star. The reaction seemed so delayed from all of us. I kept my foot on her a while longer and then took it to join the other. I felt the the look of shock on my face and saw it on Kathleen's. We both started laughing hysterically in relief. We hunched over each other's shoulders laughing away. Then Kathleen pulled her head up and said, like an 'oh, yeah,' "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I landed on my FEET!" I said, still cracking up. Then we both we went back to laughing.

The last (and only) two times I had ever fallen off a horse before ended pretty badly. This one was so crazy! It happened so quickly, and we were both so grateful that no one was hurt. Star seemed to share our 'what the crap just happened?' feelings. I don't think she found it as funny as we did though.

Kathleen grabbed my leg and boosted me back on Starberry's back. We walked around a little longer, and then I got off. We brushed her, loved her, let her eat greens and then put her away.

As we speak, I am talking to my agent about stunt work for the future. ;-) Seriously though, I feel very blessed for how that potentially disastrous event turned out.


Sasha said...

I wish I could have seen it. I can't quite picture how there was one foot on the horse and one on the ground. Hmm? You must be very flexible these days. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't get hurt. I got bucked on one of mom's horses, although I can't remember which one. . . It was a little more painful, but I believe mom and I both still ended in hysterical laughter too. My incident involved bouncing a couple of times on the horse, before bouncing on the ground. Starberry sounds like a joy.

Kathleen Hawkins said...

YEA HAW! It really was quite a site. Mamahawk.