Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I think I'm in love... again

As far as love goes, Dillon is number one... but a close second has come along. ;-)

Seriously though, this animal is incredible. Her name is Star. She came with that name and it's perfect. She looks like a fairly tale story when she runs. Her tail streams behind her like a proudly soaring flag while her strong neck stands erect. She whinnies to me whenever she sees me. We run around the corral together, and she shakes her head in excitement as she follows me.

I have never met a horse I have liked so much - most of them have been geldings though (neutered, male horses - for you city folk), and we all know boys are harder to deal with.

When I first saw her, I wasn't all that impressed; she was cute but nothing to right home about. Now I think she is the most gorgeous horse to walk the Earth, so I think her personality has a lot to do with it.

She is a three year old appaloosa and mustang (they think) mix. She was an accident. The people who had her before said that her mother escaped, came back and then 11 months later she came along. She is green broke (just barely trained to ride) but very malleable - she aims to please.

She is supposed to be pregnant now and due to foal in April. Her stallion is a beautiful black one. He's impressive without getting to know his personality.

We share apples and hang out together. I love this horse!!!!


Paul the Amazingistical said...

Blog's a lame word.

I like your site though, you should host some "stuffonrandomfarmanimals" pics. Fer realz.

Anonymous said...

well, whood a thunkit, never had a dout, congrats on 8-21, have fun forever

Mom said...

Cute. Will she get any taller? (the horse I mean).

Love, Mom

Seester said...

Cerra, You are so cute. I'm amazed at how much you sound like momma. Reading that was like reading something from her. I wonder who's affecting who? Star does look like an absolute love. I can't wait to meet her.

I'm so sorry that I missed your anniversary. Congratulations you lovebirds.

Anonymous said...

love is a four letter word.